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As well as website development, we specialise in all manner of digital graphics. We have designed full illustrations for pharma and tech companies, user interfaces for banking systems and software products, infographics for presentation material and a whole host of website visualisations to support business communication. We also design logos and icons to assist with company branding. We have bucket loads of experience when it comes to designing for the web, so please give us a call to see how we can help your business.

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User Interface Design (UI) in Newbury, Thatcham & Berkshire User Interface Design (UI)

We have designed many effective user interfaces for various industries. We understand how to provide a positive experience for the user and create the visual elements necessary to facilitate movement around the interface with ease. Working closely with your team we ensure your branding is represented in all aspects of the UI and also establish style guides to ensure consistency across multiple digital devices. We quote on a project-by-project basis.

High Quality Logo Design in Newbury & Berkshire Logo Design

Every company needs a logo as a strong identity is very important. We work closely with all our clients to ensure that the final logo design meets the exact requirements of the brief and enhances brand awareness. Our rate starts from £500 and is dependent on the complexity of the logo design.

Infographics in Newbury, Thatcham & Berkshire Infographics

We have years of experience designing Infographics (or information graphics) for companies who want to express a message, or explain a process in a visual way. We can create smart visual representations, with minimal words, that will easily be understood by your viewer. Infographics are very effective when used on websites, but also for marketing material and PowerPoint presentation slides. Please contact us for our fees.

Bespoke Icon Design in Thatcham, Newbury & Berkshire Icon Design

Custom icons for your website, or application, will greatly enhance the overall user experience and aid the navigation process, as well as giving it visual impact. We can design a collection or ‘family’ of icons that match your company branding. We charge an hourly rate of £70 for icon design.

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