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Estate Mapping & Plan Design

Transform your assets into a valuable spatial database of geographic material.

We can help you visualise your assets more effectively by mapping them onto a Geographic Information System (GIS). This powerful software allows us to capture, store, analyse and display a whole host of information from simple building plots and utility lines to full property portfolios.

We also offer a plan bureau service to companies and private individuals looking for simple one-off Land Registry compliant plans, or multiple complex plans and schedules to aid business estate management.

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Land Registry Compliant Plans Services in London, Midlands, Newbury, UK Land Registry Compliant Plans

Do you need a Land Registry compliant plan producing for a lease, land registration or transfer agreement? We charge £50 to create each plan, using ArcGIS software and the latest Ordnance Survey maps (NB: OS map costs are extra as we have to purchase them separately). We do not conduct site surveys but in most cases we are able to identify the necessary land parcels or building blocks from the OS maps or from documents supplied to us. All plans are issued as PDFs and emailed to you, alternatively you can purchase paper copies.

What is a Land Registry Compliant Plan?

In brief, for a plan to be accepted by the Land Registry it needs to be drawn to an accurate scale (1/1250 – 1/500 for urban properties and 1:2500 for rural properties), it should clearly show orientation with a north point, it should include a scale bar, and have enough surrounding detail to easily identify the location by showing roads, road junctions and other landmarks. More information can be found here.

Land Registry Compliant Plans Services in London, Midlands, Newbury, UK Estate Mapping

Support your estate management and land use planning decisions with GIS-managed data and professionally designed maps and plans. Estate mapping is an effective way of creating a digital picture of your land, all in one place, with layers of data representing ownership, tenancies, utilities, easements and so on, all mapped and overlaid onto the latest Ordnance Survey data using ArcGIS software.

We build, manage and maintain your estate portfolio from our offices in Thatcham, and then supply you with the relevant plans, reports and schedules as and when required as part of the maintenance fee.

Typical estate plan categories are:

  • Ownership/Titles
  • Acquisitions/Sales
  • Tenancies
  • Land Use
  • Leases
  • Utilities
  • Third Party Rights

Please contact us for our pricing structure.

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